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Birch Ridge Farm FG Calista
Photo at 3-1/2 months
(Irish Whisper Fancy Gilligan x Sugar Moon PAL Lady Lulu)
DOB: 3/1/12

Birch Ridge Farm FG Calista
Yearling First Freshener
First Freshening Udder no fill, pulled her out of the pasture for photo, single kid still nursing
Kidding History:
2013: Single Doe, Birch Ridge Farm Delight (retained) Sired by Chernoble
2014: Triplets, Sired by Balthazaar Two does, 1 buckling
Kintraks Pedigree - Birch Ridge Farm FG Calista

Pedigree of Birch Ridge Farm FG Calista

Birch Ridge Farm FG Calista
Sex: Doe
DOB: 3/1/2012

Phone: 802-222-5303 - Email: [email protected]




Irish Whisper Fancy Gilligan

Velvet Acres Flash JackDaniels

Flat Rocks Flash +S E

MCH Inavale Vienna E

Gay-Mor's RA Wood Nymph

Stonewall's Raising Arizona ++S

Gay-Mor's Fleet Kricket 3*D

Sugar Moon PAL Lady Lulu

Buttin'Heads Palimony

Buttin'Heads Pajamars

ARMCH Buttin'Heads Wedding Song 3*D

Sugar Moon Mitzi Godiva

Rosasharn CH Uproar *S

Goats-and-Boats Jamaica Pepper 2*D

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Second Freshening Udder
2014 LA +VVA 83