All of our does and bucks are registered with ADGA and some are or can be dual registered with AGS.  Prices quoted are for animals picked up here at the farm. At this time, we do not ship. Any additional testing requested from buyer is the buyer's responsibility and will be added to balance due. 

Goats are herd animals.  We will not sell a goat to anyone who does not have a companion goat on their premises.   We reserve the right to refuse a sale if we feel the goat will not be cared for properly or for any reason. Most of our kids are dam raised.  We try to spend as much time as possible with each kid from birth to ensure a friendly disposition. 

We will contact people from our waiting list on a first come first served basis. We will send you an email when the kids become available. You will have 24 hours to respond to the email. Once you agree to purchase, a $50.00 non-refundable payment will hold the kid(s) you choose until weaning, which is generally between 8-9 weeks of age. The balance of the kid(s) sales price is due by 9 weeks of age.   A boarding fee of $3 per day will be added if animal is not picked up by 9 weeks of age. At 12 weeks of age, the animal will be placed back up for sale, and any retainer fees received will be forfeited.  We do accept PayPal for initial payments but please DO NOT send any money to us via PayPal without first notifying us of your plans in advance. We only accept Paypal or checks for initial deposits. We accept cash only if balance is paid for on the day you pick up your goat(s). If you wish to pay with a check you must send it to us prior to picking up so that it has time to clear. Please note we will NOT hold any goat that you say you are "interested in," if you would like to purchase you must specify that and pay the $50 non-refundable payment.  We reserve the right to retain any kid born here, even if we have taken a deposit on it. If for any reason we are unable to sell you the kid that you placed an initial payment on, it will be refunded unless there is another kid available that you would like instead. If you change your mind for any reason and do not buy your kid, the initial payment will not be refunded.  

All animals are guaranteed healthy and free of disqualifying and/or visible faults to the best of our knowledge when they leave our farm. Since, we cannot control any stress that may occur as a result of traveling, or the animal's environment or management once it leaves our farm, we cannot offer further guarantees.  For bio-security reasons we can not take an animal back after it leaves our farm, all sales are final, no refunds or returns. Birch Ridge farm is not responsible if the goat should become ill, injured or die after it has left our farm.

All goats sold as registered will come with their registration applications or their original registration certificates and signed transfers. Buyer is responsible for all registration/transfer fees.

If a doe is listed for sale as being "Exposed" to a buck we do not guarantee the animal is pregnant.  "Exposed"  means the animal has been  with a buck for a period of time and should/could be pregnant.  It does not guarantee pregnancy. We can pull blood for pregnancy testing through Biotracking after 30 days following breeding at the buyer's expense. There is a small chance for false positives. There will be no refund of money under any circumstance for a doe that aborts or the kids pass away.  

We whole herd tested in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2017 for CAE & Johnes. We test through WADDL University in Washington state. Since we have been testing all animals have had negative results. We raise all of our animals as naturally as possible and we do not vaccinate.

We retain the right to use any pictures and/or information of any animals sold at anytime.

Thank you for considering purchasing a goat from Birch Ridge Farm.  We look forward to introducing you to our goats.

Sales Policy

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.
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This page was last updated: September 16, 2020