Contact: Christy McLam
Bradford, VT 
The best way to reach me is by email.

Wethers  N/A SOLD OUT  

Registered Does $400-$500

Bucks $400-$500 must be reserved or purchased before 8 weeks old, all unsold bucks will be wethered after 8 weeks 

Please ask yourself these questions before purchasing your first goats and prior to contacting me.

Have you owned goats before?  Do you know that goats are herd animals and that you will need at least two?  Have you taken time to think about the care and time it takes to own a goat?  Did you know that they need to be de-wormed and have their hooves trimmed? Are you willing to go outside when it's 20 below zero to feed and water them?

Is your fencing strong enough to keep goats in and secure enough to keep predators out including dogs? 

Do you have shelter for your goats?  Goats need shelter from rain, wind and cold.  Does who are  kidding need extra care in keeping them and their newborn kids warm and dry.

Do you have a veterinarian that is familiar with goats?   Start looking for a veterinarian before you have an emergency.  Not every  vet will care for goats or livestock.  Get a vet lined up before you have an emergency.

What type of goat do you want?  Pets?  Home dairy? Show? or maybe all of the above?

Do you have a source for good quality, mold free hay?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions then you may not be ready to purchase goats.

A few things to consider when purchasing goats...

Does the breeder test for CAE, CL or Johnes...yes, these diseases are VERY real...and don't just take their word for it...ask to see RESULTS.

Does the breeder practice coccidia prevention?

Do any of the goats have runny noses?

Do you hear excessive coughing in the herd?

What condition are the goat's hooves in? Are they overgrown, foot rot present?

Are the pens clean or do they wreak of ammonia? Do your eyes burn when you walk in the barn?

Run your hands over the goat you intend to purchase....any large bumps or lumps? Any hair missing? 

Shiny coats usually indicate healthy goats, don't purchase an excessively over or under weight goat or a goat with manure plastered all over it's but.

Check to make sure your prospective purchase has two teats....either a buck or a doe.....goat's are not cows...only TWO should be present.  

If you're buying a breeding buck check to make sure there are TWO testes....if you can only find one move on.

A respectable breeder will point out the flaws, if any, on your purchase, will not sell a breeding animal with more than two teats or less than two testicles.

Lastly, please quarantine your new purchase from your existing herd for at least a month, no matter where you purchase from.

The following are being offered for sale to make room for this year's kids that will be retained in order to maintain a managable herd size.
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We will not mark or hold a goat as "sale pending/reserved" until we have received a nonrefundable monetary deposit. Please DO NOT place a deposit on any kid listed without first checking with me on availability.
Does that are sold as bred will come with a "doe only" service memo which means bucklings will NOT be registerable. 
This page was last updated: November 18, 2022
To avoid any misunderstandings please click on the following link to read and agree to the following sales policy BEFORE  purchasing or placing a deposit. Thank you.

2022 Kid Pricing 
Disbudding  $15/kid or 5+ $10 ea.
I do offer the following service by appt. to those of you who are not comfortable w/disbudding kids born to you:
Sales Visits by Appointment Only
Please note, we are not open for unannounced visitors and although we love animals, we ask that you please leave your pets at home. 
Please note: I will not disbud any dwarf kid that is over two weeks old or if the horn bud has broke through the skin. Please plan accordingly and make an apt. when your kids are first born. I prefer to disbud standard breeds as soon as buds can be felt, usually around 3 days.
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Please note - Due to my work schedule I am taking a year off from 
breeding-goats: No kids will be available in 2023.

If you are interested in any adults on my site please let me know. 
Adult Nigerians does For Sale:

Nigerian Bucks For Sale:

If you are interested in any adults on my site please let me know.