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Christy McLam
Bradford, VT 05033

Nigerian Senior Does
Does that have freshened more than once
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This page was last updated: August 8, 2022
Birch Ridge Farm AM February
DOB 2/13/14
(Dragonfly IH Aonghas Mac Og *S 5 Acre Farm WC Tuesday's Child)

​Kidding History:
2016 Triplets 2b1d
2017 triplets 2d1b
2018 quads, 2b2d
2019 Twin does
2020 Triplets, 1b2d
2021 Triplets 2b1d
2022 Quads 1d/3b
First Freshening Udder 
Birch Ridge Farm SW Elsa
DOB 3/13/15
(Proctor Hill Farm Stormwarning x Birch Ridge Farm CN Delight)


Kidding History
2017 Single Doe
2018 Twin bucks
2019 Triplets, two bucks, one Doe
2020 Twins buck/doe
2021 Twin Bucks
2022 Twin does
Birch Ridge Farm VB Ameerah
DOB 3/16/15 Polled
(Willow Meadow Victor Breton God's Love Farm FAN Promise)


Kidding History:
2017 Single Doe
2018 Twin Does
2019 Triplets Buck/2Doe 
2020 Quads, 3b/1d
2021 Twins Buck/Doe
2022 Twin bucks
Second Freshening Udder 
Birch Ridge Farm CN Pandora
DOB 03/18/17
(Kids Corral PT Chernoble x Sugar Moon Capriccio)


Kidding History:
2018 Twins 2b
2019 Quads 2b/2d
2020 Quads 3d/1b
2021 Quads 2b/2d
2021 Quints 2b/3d
Photo at aprox 6 months old
Fourth Freshening Udder , 12 hour fill, raising Twins, 3 weeks fresh 
Third Freshening, 12 hr fill, 8 weeks into lactation
Third freshening
Below: 2 years old
Second freshening
Birch Ridge Farm SW Chardonnay
DOB 05/11/17
(Proctor Hill Farm Stormwarning x God's Love Farm FAN Darlin)

Birch Ridge Farm SW Margaux 
DOB 05/11/17
(Proctor Hill Farm Storm Warning x God's Love Farm FAN Darlin)

2019 1b/1d
2020 1b/1d
2021 1d/2b
2022 1d/2b
First Freshening
Second Freshening
Above: 3  years old
Below: Third freshening
Above: Chardonnay at 3 years old
Above: Chardonnay at 2 years old
Above: Ameerah age 5
Above: Margaux Age 3
Above: February age 6
Above: Elsa age 5
Kidding History:

2019 Twin bucks
2020 Twin bucks
2021 Twin bucks
2022 Quads 3bucks/doe
Birch Ridge Farm H Mirabelle
(Birch Ridge Farm VB Hershey x Sugar Moon PAL Lady Lulu) 
DOB 3/10/18

Kidding History:
2020 Buck Twins by Feathernscale BA Baracus
2021 Triplets 2d1b
2022 Quads 3d1b
Birch Ridge Farm H Celestia
(Birch Ridge Farm VB Hershey x Birch Ridge Farm VB Ameerah) 
DOB 3/27/18
Birch Ridge Farm SW Persephone
(Proctor Hill Farm Storm Warning x Birch Ridge Farm V Mizz Fit
DOB 04/30/18
Kidding History:
2020 Single Buck by Feathernscale BA Baracus
2021 Triplets 2Bucks/1Doe
2022 Triplets 2d/1b
Kidding History:
2020 Buck Twins by Birch Ridge Farm Magnum Moon
2021 Triplet Bucks
Above: 1 year old
Above: 2 years old
Above: Persephone Age 2
Above: Persephone Age 1
Above: Persephone first freshening udder