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Kids Corral PT Chernoble
Kids Corral PT Chernoble
PolledĀ & Moon Spotted DOB: 5/31/12 -3/14/20
(Kids Corral Pat's Tenor x Kids Corral CVF Maybelline)
2014 LA VE+ 86 OH

Photos of Kids Corral CVF Maybelline, MCH Doe-Sy-Doe's Patches 8*D & Kids Corral Pat's Tenor courtesy of Carol Lindblom of Kids Corral

Chernoble's Dam: Kids Corral CVF Maybelline
Photos of dam's FF udder

Chernoble's sire: Kids Corral Pat's Tenor

Offspring retained in herd:

Sire's Dam: MCH Doe-Sy-Doe's Patches 8*D
Birch Ridge Farm CN Pandora
Birch Ridge Farm C Magnum Moon Polled BuckĀ 
Birch Ridge Farm C Safira (polled)
Birch Ridge Farm SN Stellaluna (polled)
Birch Ridge Farm CN Delight (polled)
Birch Ridge Farm CN Malacai (polled)
Birch Ridge Farm CN Maxine
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