Pedigree - Sugar Moon PAL Lady Lulu

Pedigree of Sugar Moon PAL Lady Lulu

Sugar Moon PAL Lady Lulu
Sex: Doe
DOB: 4/23/2009





Sire: Buttin'Heads Palimony

Buttin'Heads Pajamars

Buttin' Heads Mendleson's March

Creek Road Hudson +S

ARMCH Buttin'Heads Bryedal Veil 2*D

CH Buttin' Heads Zipther 2*D

Twin Creeks BW Zip Drive *S

Buttin' Heads Bryen's Song 4*D

ARMCH Buttin'Heads Wedding Song 3*D

Creek Road Hudson +S

MCH Willow Creek Instant Replay

Blue Creek Mattea

ARMCH Buttin'Heads Bryedal Veil 2*D

Buttin'Heads Swhiz on Rye +*S

ARMCH Columbus Zoo Godiva *D

Dam: Sugar Moon Mitzi Godiva

Rosasharn CH Uproar *S

Rosasharn UR Honey Nut Cheerio *S

Rosasharn's TL Unregrettable *S

3*M ARMCH Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey 3*D E

ARMCH Rosasharn's Uni 3*D E

ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S E

Rosasharn's Baby Usa *D

Goats-and-Boats Jamaica Pepper 2*D

Stonewall's Orbison *S

Gay-Mor Berry's Johnny Jump-Up +*S

Goodwood Penny Lane 5*D

Mt. Signal Farm Belleek *D

Gay-Mor's Lion of Nigeria

Old Mountain Farm Raku

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Above: LuLu's first freshening udder
Kidding History: 
2011 Twins Doe, Buck by Moon
2012 Triplet Does by Gilligan
2013 Triplet Bucks by Aonghas 
2014 Triplets, 2 Bucks,Doe by Aonghas
2015 Triplets, 1 buck, 2 Does by Storm
2016 Triplets, 1 buck, 2 does by Proclaim
2017 Quintuplets. (2) bucks, (3) does                                             sired by Chernoble
2018 Quintuplets (3)buck (2) does
          sired by Hershey
2019 Triplets, 2 bucks, 1 doe by Magnum Moon
2020 Quads, 2b/2d

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Above: Lulu's second freshening udder 3 weeks fresh
Offspring retained in herd: 
2014 Doe, Birch Ridge Farm Questionmark
         Sired by Aonghas
2018 (2) Does sired by Hershey
               Birch Ridge Farm H Beatrice
                Birch Ridge Farm H Mirabelle

Not appraised in 2014 due to illegible tattoo
Above: Lulu's 6th Freshening Udder at 7 years old, 8 weeks fresh
Lulu has great attachments and a smooth foreudder. She produces 2 quarts of milk per day